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  • Dear Fellow Saints

    Nov.5, 2018

    Dear Fellow saints,

    I am sending you two attachments. One is about an offering for the saints in Russia. The other is one is about our special dedication services in December.

    About a month ago, I sent you an email requesting that you remember in prayer the dear saints in Siberia. Winter has come there already and they will have many hardships to endure. They love the Lord and will be attending their church services as much as possible. I have asked you to pray about sending these

  • Welcome to the Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church Website

    Welcome to the Mayhew Primitive Baptist Church website. We hope you will become a regular visitor to our website.

    The Mayhew PB Church is the relocated Aberdeen Primitive Baptist Church. While we have changed our location, our doctrine and practices remain the same. The Aberdeen PB Church was very active in foreign evangelism, helping to establish churches in India and Russia. The Mayhew PB Church plans to continue this effort as the Lord enables us.

    To help our readers stay abreast of the